Saturday, February 20, 2010

Upon request from my cousin Linzey over at buono da mangiare, here are a few more pictures of the table in our bathroom.

This enamel-top table (we call it the kitchen cart) was a birthday gift a few years back, before I moved into my first 'bachelorette' apartment in Pittsburgh. It was purchased at the now-defunct antique mall in Chippewa, PA. It just happened to fit the awkward empty space next to our vanity perfectly. It gives us extra countertop and storage without blocking the register underneath.

Also visible in this picture is one of my favorite new purchases. It's a shadowbox from TJ Maxx that was just $12.99! Inspired by my other cousin, Laura, I'm showing off some of my jewelry collection in it.

The magnetic clasp on the door also gives Byron a safe place to keep his wedding ring when he's working out. You can see it in the picture below, along with several of my pearl pieces. :)

Hope you like how we used a piece we already had to solve a problem in our bathroom... it's working out perfectly!

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