Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On one of those dark winter weekend nights (you know, those ones that get dark at 4pm?), we decided that our dining room wall was a little bare. I've always loved the simple look of photos in black frames with white mats and asked for a few for Christmas. Here's how we spent one exciting Friday night (or an hour of it anyway...).

How do I remember it was a Friday? Well, because I was wearing my Friday Sweatshirt, of course! It always ends up on the top of the clean laundry pile and more often than not I'm wearing it on a Friday.

Apparently I forgot my Friday Smile. ;)

To determine the layout of our frames on the wall without poking 1742 holes to do it, we used the scrap paper method. We made templates the size and shape of the frames and taped them to the walls, adjusting until it was 'pleasing to the eye'.

Byron the attached the photo hangers at the places we'd previously marked on the templates.

He admired his handiwork. (Actually, I think I had attached that template to the wall upside down and so he was really looking for the mark. Which was on the bottom.)

Ta da! Thanks, Vanna!

We haven't decided what to put in the last two frames yet. The other three are wedding photos. Should we stick with the 'wedding' theme or branch out? We also have wedding photos in the guest room.

What do you think?

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  1. Looks like a good place to hang a picture of Mocha perhaps one of the black and white ones you used at your wedding to stick with the theme.