Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The lovely image above (from The Kitchn) is what I was trying to make last night. Steel cut oats.

They're sometimes called Irish Style Oats and they're much better for you than regular instant or rolled oats. According to Wikipedia, they have a lower glycemic index and more complex carbohydrates than rolled oats (both good things). So, in the interest of having a hearty, healthy, warm winter breakfast, I picked up a canister last time I was at Trader Joe's (my Mecca).

I read all about them on various cooking sites and found a few recipes which called for the oats to be cooked overnight in the crockpot so that we would wake up to warm steel cut oats with cranberries and walnuts! Yum, right?

Well, we woke up to burnt wallpaper paste with cranberries and walnuts.

I think our crockpot is just too hot for this recipe. I don't have any photos of my results, but rest assured that it was an epic FAIL of the highest degree. To get the burnt part out of the bottom I added vinegar and boiling water to the crock. It was ugly.

I think I'll try steel cut oats another time with another method. I just need some time to recover from the sight and smell of this batch first. :)


  1. I've tried to make steel cut oats too. Not my favorite. But definitely better for you than regular oatmeal. I'll let you know if I come across a good recipe.

  2. Oh man! I thought you made that oatmeal! It looks divine. I think i'll try a cheap-o version! The place looks great! Survive the snow!

  3. Thanks, Sarah! Are you in DC now? Some bad snow there too! (PS- Me: "Seg-wil? Who is Seg-wil?" I figured it out. :) )

  4. I have tried the crock pot oatmeal and sadly had the same result. I just found a new recipe for crock pot steel cut oats here http://www.mommyskitchen.net/2009/01/overnight-crock-pot-oatmeal.html and it sounds like it might work. I haven't tried it yet but if you do first, let me know how it goes.

  5. I LOVE steel cut oats and I always make it in the crock pot overnight. You have to get a timer so that they only cook for a few hours. I load up the crock pot with oats, cinnamon, vanilla, ground flax seed, wheat germ, sliced almonds, sometimes canned pumpkin, whatever I'm in the mood for! You also need to add more water than if you were cooking it in on the stove. Hope that helps!

  6. looks way to healthy