Sunday, November 22, 2009


There's this great website - - which allows you to make digital collages of images from the web. Here's a few I've made!

This first one is an inspiration for our bedroom. We already have the Hemnes dresser from IKEA, and I'd like to get the pictured Avington headboard from Target. We ended up going with a paint called "Juniper Ash" by Behr. It's a blue/grey/green color. I have big plans to stain the nightstands dark like the ones pictured and we have light blocking curtains in a tan/taupe color as well. We'll have to see if you think our bedroom turns out like this collage!

Here is another board I made when we were registering for wedding gifts and trying to imagine them in a fictitious "someday" house instead of our apartment.

Our bathroom still needs some work, mostly because I got off the painting train and haven't been able to get back on! :) Look for progress in the future!

Finally, here's the board I made when we were registering for kitchen items. It's not so much decor as 'stuff', but I think you get a feel for the mood I want in the kitchen. We have almost all of these things, except for the cupcakes, unfortunately! :)

Looking back on this post, I see how much I like that seaglass green color! So, it's not surprising I just purchased a green 'demijohn' bottle a bit like these! ($15 at TJMaxx!)

Hope you're liking my inspiration... hopefully soon I'll be moving onto the 'after' pictures!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

In Progress

Here are some photos of some of the work we've been doing. It's much more complete than this now, but I like to show the 'before,' 'during,' and 'afters'. :)

Here are all of the kitchen cabinet doors being laid out and labeled for easy reinstallation. Mocha is supervising.

This is the kitchen 'before,' with doors removed.

Here is one view of the kitchen primed with Oil-Based Kilz primer. We got our cabinet painting technique from, my favorite home renovation/decoration blog.

Here's another view.

These are the doors on our side porch, laid out and drying on the sawhorses (AKA picnic table benches).

Mocha was tired of supervising and decided to play with her beloved peanut butter jar instead.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beagle Containment

So we now have a fence to keep the dog from running away. She tried to convince us that she would just stay in the yard of her own volition, but we didn't believe her.

Thanks to Jeff and Justin for their help in putting the fence up last weekend.

Here is the yard before..

And after...

And here is the little one surveying her territory.