Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Here are a few pictures I took around the kitchen one day. I was making chicken noodle soup and putzing around (one of my special talents) and got a few 'detail' shots.

Here's a view of the kitchen you probably haven't seen before. I'm dying to replace the counter tops and floor so it isn't all so WHITE.

Here's a recycled glass pitcher on the window sill. I bought it for $3 at Marc's and thought I got a great deal! I later come to find out that to pour out of this pitcher is to take your life into your own hands (lest you be drowned by a flood of sangria). It's now our wine cork storage/objet d'art.

On the green theme (see: pitcher and tea kettle), here's my pistachio Kitchenaid mixer! While not the most-used item in my kitchen, I'm trying to become a better baker (measuring accurately helps!).

Another shot of the pitcher, showing the wall color in the kitchen.

My stock pot, which at the time was simmering a chicken carcass to make stock for the soup (TMI? Sorry.).

Whenever I boil something for an extended period of time (and it's cold outside), the windows on the back door get fogged.

And because what's a post without a beagle?


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