Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So I spoke a little too soon. Mother Nature hadn't really unleashed her fury at the time of the last post...

Here's the house during the storm on Friday night. I was in the street taking pictures (no one was driving in it anyway!) and Byron was watching from the house so if I fell and knocked myself out in the street he could drag me back to the house. Or at least to the garage. ;)

Here's the backyard at the conclusion of part 1 of Snowpocalypse 2010. The top of that picket fence is above my waist.

Here's the neighborhood the morning after the first part of the storm. This was around 9am; all the neighbors were out shoveling because the power was out and no one could do anything else!

Another picture of the backyard, Byron went out and knocked the snow off the top of that pine tree so that it didn't snap off like our neighbors'.

Byron was a good Mr. Homeowner and shoveled the driveway. (Actually, I get my Mrs. Homeowner badge for doing it too!). The snow was way past my knees and we shoveled for 2 hours. The neighbor came and finished the last 20% or so with his snowblower.

Later in the day, our street was mostly clear so we decided to head out to Home Depot. Byron wanted rock salt and I wanted paint for the bathroom (What? I wanted to paint!). This is what greeted us when we turned off the street:

We had forgotten to figure in the fact that the fire station is at the end of our street and consequently it gets really good care during storms. Whoops. We rode around the block and came back.

Here are a few pictures of the house, mostly so you can admire the red front door!

Happy Snopocalypse from Fruits/Roots!

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