Monday, October 5, 2009

Welcome to our new house! This first post will give you the general overview and highlights of the house! (We'll cover the lowlights in another post!) Hopefully through this blog we'll keep a record of our improvements and design choices so ya'll can stay posted! I posted these way out of order... so bear with me!

The backyard...

Front of the house and side porch/mudroom:

Back of the house... and back of my head!:

Back of the sideporch:

And finally... front of the house!:

It's not the biggest mansion on the block, but we like it!


  1. It's cute.:) Can my job be removing the heart shapped shutters?! The are too cute. I can't wait to see it in person!

  2. I have the sawsall and prybars ready, along with my team of "semipro" home renovationistas. Call my agent Marcia at 1425 N. Mkt. St., EPO for details.

    Nice lawn!

  3. Fruit basket border in the bathroom? ...that's just wrong! Aunt Marcia, this should be a top priority removal project.
    Cabinets on the frig? ...creative. (don't eat the mini wheats or protein crap)
    Exhaust fan in the kitchen? holy crap! I'm very concerned about the dog being sucked out into the yard.
    That tiny office is big enough for a crib :0)
    I'm so very happy for you both! What a great home. Send us all your new address.
    Cindy Doran

  4. Congratulations on your new home. You will have lots of fun and many memories fixing it to be your own.

    The beginning.....

  5. The gentleman with the sawsall does not have my permission to refer to me as his agent, even if he did tell you to "call" me at our mailing address. I will not allow him to enter your house with said tool. And yeah, that fruit basket border's gotta go; I volunteer for removal. Whoa, Mocha needs an anchor before you turn on that exhaust fan! At least there were no mice in the house, or the snacks left behind would be gone.
    Can't wait for Sat. to see it for real! But I love the blog; keep posting!!!

  6. jennifer and byron, i think it's a perfect starter home! and congratulations! i'm sure you'll make it a cozy place to call "home"! love, kelli

  7. Now I've seen it in person -- it is Wonderful!!! All the good bones of a cozy home in a lovely neighborhood of friendly people with dogs. You just haven't lived 'til you've seen Jeni "Power Paint." And a great little mom-and-pop Italian restaurant just down the road. What more could you want? Oh, yeah... Where's the Irish pub?