Friday, October 16, 2009

Sooo.... the previous owners loved decorative lightswitch covers. This we have established.

Their other true love? Ceiling fans. Lots and lots of ceiling fans. Want to see a selection?

This one brushed the back of my head when I was removing cabinet doors for painting. (pics of that coming soon!)

Dining Room-
Yes, I said dining room. I guess maybe to cool your food off while it sits on the table?

Guest room-
Strikingly similar to dining room, no? At least they're consistent!

Master bedroom-
Who doesn't want to look up and see that in the morning? (not to mention it seems like it's a little out of balance and may fly off the mechanism at any moment!)

Please note the angel fan pull.

Need a close-up? Here you go!

Happy Halloween! (if that won't scare you... don't know what will!)

Only a few more posts featuring snarky commentary, I promise. Soon we'll get to the makeovers!

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