Monday, October 5, 2009

Inside the house... the nickle tour...

After that extensive outdoor tour... here are some shots from inside. I'm still getting the hang of the photo thing...

If you couldn't tell from the other photos, the house is a ranch over a garage, with 3 bedrooms, a bath, living room and dining room on the main floor.

The upstairs bathroom. Please note the fruit basket border. The shower window was just replaced; the balance was broken and the window wouldn't stay open. That sucker was $300!

The dining room. Pretty self-explanatory... View from the living room, kitchen is thru the door to the right.

The big-ass refrigerator. This fridge is so big it didn't fit under the cabinets. Those cabinets above it were taken down and just sat upon the top of the fridge. Behind the cabinets the previous owners were kind enough to leave us some Frosted Mini Wheats and Protein Powder. Door to side porch is on the right.

The kitchen, with the big-ass exhaust fan. That thing is like a jet engine! It opens up a little flap on the back wall of the house.

The living room wall, which may soon have a 'pass-thru' into the kitchen to open the room up some.

The master bedroom. Please note the square left on the rug from the previous owners' bed.

The (tiny) office. Will contain desk, bookcase, chair and not much else!

Closet in the guestroom. Looks pretty much like the other rooms! Will eventually be called the guestroom/library/reading room.

Up next... the lowlights! The best collection of ceiling fans and light switch covers you've ever seen!


  1. We know all about those tiny expensive windows but you really need to watch out for the five hundred dollar door knobs. The pictures look great. Can't wait to see things in person.

  2. Maybe the bigass exhaust fan explains the bigass fridge. A smaller one could be sucked right out to the backyard...

  3. Where do we get the $500 door knobs? Jeff wants some.

  4. Callie wields a mean drill when it comes to demolition of drapery hardware. Kinda scary.

  5. Have you seen the IKEA commercial where the guy chest bumps his fridge? Maybe Byron can wear his martial arts gear and chest bump that bigass fridge for entertainment.