Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Things We've Purchased

Sorry for the absence, readers (reader?)! Turns out it is a lot easier to blog about your house before you move in than it is once you're actually here. We've made lots of progress and have lots to show you!

We've been dropping some money into the house purchasing some new things.

Like this fancy new fridge! It's much more appropriately sized for our kitchen. And, coincidentally, we just happened to pick paint color for the kitchen that matched the sides of it exactly!

If anyone ever wants to take an adventure, go to the Sears Outlet in Lawrenceville. It's the scratch-and-dent center for Sears. While we ultimately didn't purchase our fridge there, there were many many options. Don't let the fact that it's located in a nearly abandoned industrial park and that it has a sign which faces not the road but the Allegheny River scare you off.

If you'll remember, our old fridge was big-ass. Conveniently, my parents have a big-ass kitchen and their 12 year old fridge had nearly kicked the bucket. So they got the old one and we got this one! Two birds, meet one stone. :)

Another recent purchase is this rug from Pottery Barn. It was on clearance!

It's technically an indoor/outdoor rug (it's some sort of plastic) but you really can't tell! And it's perfect for life with a dog. Especially since she deposited candy-corn colored puke on it this afternoon! (she found my stash!)

Another item we've purchased- the Expedit workstation from Ikea.

We already had the bookcase and as such just bought the desk part. You'll see it in our new office soon. :)

Continuing on the IKEA theme, we also picked out these curtains. Continuing on the "Jeni is cheap" theme, they were $14.99. A. Pair. They're cotton and have a lovely linen texture to them. They really look way more expensive than that price!

One of my favorite purchases are our new house numbers. These ones are from Design Within Reach and are $48 PER NUMBER. Never gonna happen.

However, I found these at Home Depot for $5.99 per number! Practically the same. Both sets are 'floating' and give a really cool effect, but my set has a much cooler price. Look for them in an upcoming post!

That's the round-up of our latest purchases. What do you want to hear about next?


  1. I find that hard to believe that is all you have purchased for you house. How about a picuture of mocha's new fence?

  2. I have the same Ikea curtains!!! Fantastic deal! Finley can't wait to see the fancy backyard fence :)