Monday, October 19, 2009

Okay... one last post about the... let's call them... "quirks" of our new pad. Then we'll be onto the makeovers! :)

While I like the sentiment of "Home Sweet Home", and it does match the heart cut-outs on our shutters, I think this will be replaced. With some nice modern, streamlined house numbers. :)

This gem of construction is the little 'jail cell' opening between our laundry room and basement. We're not sure why it is there. Decorative, I guess.

This is part of the water damage/repair from our basement. Which deserves its own post. Maybe I'll have Byron rant at you about that.

And here's our TINY dishwasher. We're going to have to run it every day, at least. It is really as small as it looks!

Our dead tree stump in the backyard. Would be perfect if we had a cat that needed a scratching post!

God Bless America, these people really loved their faded wooden decorative items!

Exhibit C: The crooked wooded mailbox, with a convenient large HOLE for entrance of rain and snow!

That's it for the 'quirks'! Up next... painting!

1 comment:

  1. If the house had been built in the 1750's instead of the 1950's, that lil jail cell would be an entry to the "tavern room." You could remove the spindles and put Byron inside as bartender for rec room parties... He could take in laundry while he served.