Monday, January 4, 2010

When we purchased our lovely new abode, the previous owners had done us the favor of removing the carpet but had never done anything to refinish the hardwood in all the rooms but the kitchen and bathroom. So, we strapped on our dustmasks, rented a sander and got to work.

Here is Byron in his very best floor refinishing clothes.

A somewhat blurry picture of the floors in our bedroom, post-sanding. The paint in there looks much less grey and more blue in real life.

Another blurry picture (sorry!). This is, I believe, the office.

The guest room (these are all post-sanding, pre-finishing).

The final two pictures are the living room. If you look closely at the last one, you'll see Byron's dad, Jeff, doing something very important on the floor. What? I'm not sure.

We ended up renting a 'screening' sander which just took the top layer of the old wax and polyurethane off and was much easier to use than a typical drum sander. We then vacuumed, used a tack cloth, and used two coats of a water-based poly. The whole project was finished in a Saturday, thanks to the help of Byron's parents. We did have to apply the final coat to the living room floor in the dark so it's not perfect but we're happy with how they turned out! Look for 'after' pics coming soon!

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  1. Looking good! Hardwood floors are so nice.