Sunday, January 31, 2010

As support for my cabin fever post, I present photographic evidence.

We went from this scenic vista, in late October, early November...

To this in January.

From a lush, verdant lawn in October...

To the Pittsburgh tundra.

We watched the snow accumulate on the picnic table. First a paltry inch or so (is that all ya got, Mother Nature??).

To 4 inches... (now we're talking!)

To eight inches... (okay, you can stop any time now!)

To ten inches (really, we get it. You're the almighty Mother Nature. We won't disrespect you again!).

To snow as deep as a beagle (Mother Nature, Mocha is only 15 inches tall. Her lawn has been restricted to the 6 square feet under the picnic table. Can't you give a girl a break?).

It has been kind of nice, though, to look out our back windows to see this...

As long as they stay in my backyard and out of the grill of my car, they're welcome in the neighborhood.

If for no other reason than to torment the dog. :)

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  1. Just had to tell you I love reading your posts and seeing all the pics. Looks like you guys are doing great!
    P.S. I LOVE the red door! I love red anywhere and everywhere in the house. We have all red kitchen appliances :)