Sunday, January 17, 2010

Here's a photo narrative of our holiday season! (I wanted to post this before it was completely irrelevant!)

Here is my glitter "Happy Holidays" banner I got on clearance at Michael's 2 (?) years ago. I love it.

Mocha turned 4 on December 15th! She celebrated by eating a bone the size of her head!

The 'theme' of our tree was 'Star Trek meets Starbucks' and had some martinis thrown in for good measure.

We purchased Phillips LED multicolored net lights for the front bushes. We severely underestimated the size of the shrubbery and had to buy two extra sets to make it look right. Around New Year's Eve, one of the middle sets burned out, making it easy for our guests to find the house (convenient!). Byron went out and looked and several bulbs were missing from that set. I think the mailman is screwing with us. In the third picture here you can see our snazzy new house numbers!

We had 3 other couples over for NYE. All of the ladies are also (nearly) audiologists. We played Cranium and Last Word and great fun was had by all. We woke Mocha up for midnight. Here also are my centerpiece, the whole room, and my cinnamon broom turned modern art piece!

Happy Holidays!

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