Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You may remember from this post that we refinished all of the floors in our house before moving in. The floors are in pretty good shape, considering their age (50+ years old).

Here are some before photos, from our sanding/floor refinishing "party". This is in the living room. Note how we taped over the outlets and registers before sanding. Turns out this wasn't really necessary since we got the light-duty sander which wasn't really that messy! A drum sander would have taken more of the old finish off but for what we wanted to accomplish, this worked just fine.

Now here are the long-promised 'afters'!

The floors are lovely and shiny again! This part of the home makeover process really helped to 'freshen' the place up, I thought. It felt clean and rejuvenated.

Here you can also see our lovely rug from Pottery Barn clearance! It was a steal at $129, if I remember correctly! Byron carried this sucker through the Ross Park Mall for me!

And he even vacuumed it too! Isn't he a catch? ;)

Was there anything in your house decorating process that really made the space refreshed?

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