Monday, July 5, 2010

Since I determined today that we actually still have a reader (Hi Suzanne!), I've decided to try to revive the blog!! We've been really busy here at Fruits/Roots. I've started working full-time in Oakland and that, coupled with my 45 minute commute each way (to go 8 miles!) has really wiped me out! I'm not ashamed to admit I have a 10pm bedtime. Every night. :)

Anyway, despite being busy we're still trying to get some projects done around the ol' casa!

Here is one of my favorite easy fixes!

The concrete pad outside our backdoor is old and beginning to crumble. We want to replace it eventually, but this summer was not the time. But, when the beagles came in and out the door multiple times, they were tracking concrete dust and gravel in and out with them.

Enter IKEA's Platta tiles. They're designed to be used on decks and patios and worked out perfectly for us! They just snap together and 3 packs at $35/pack fit our back patio perfectly. Not bad for less than $100 and a half-hour of our time!

Somewhere I have a picture of the completely finished product, but it's lost in computer-land somewhere! I'll have to find it and put it here too!


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