Monday, July 19, 2010

Here's a garden update! Things are growing like crazy out there now! I ate my first tomato today, a "Sweetie" cherry tomato that I grew from seed, starting in February.

I love the bright yellow cucumber blossoms. We should have our first edible cuke tomorrow! I'm not exactly sure how to tell when a cucumber is 'ripe' so I'll have to guess.

This picture is from June 25th. The basil and parsley (grown from seed) are starting to fill out!

Here's a photo from July 17th. Now we're talking! The tomato plants are up above the fence and the cuke vine is taking over!

Another shot for perspective of how lush this garden is.

Some baby tomatoes and blossoms. I think these are grape tomatoes, maybe?

Baby cucumber!

Cute little yard signs I got at JoAnn's. I need this mint to grow some more so I can make mojitos!

Sugar Snap peas grown from seed! These were never prolific enough to cook with, but I ate a handful as a snack everytime I checked on the garden.

Lush patch of Italian flat-leaf parsley.

Pea tendril with tiny spider on it.

Hope you enjoyed the garden tour... next time I'll have bushels of ripe tomatoes to show you (hopefully!).


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  1. Very nice! I think our tomatoes are done for... of course, we had some ready way back in late May/early June.