Friday, April 9, 2010

Inspired by Michelle over at Blissful Musings, I wanted to post some art I've found on Etsy. I love the look of screen-printed posters and prints. Someday, if I can ever make up my mind, I'd love to buy a few for around the house!

Up first, a lovely sentiment from jessgonacha. A good reminder for the whole family. (5x7 for $8)

Up next, the ubiquitous "Keep Calm and Carry On" from pressureless. This one has been making the rounds on the home design blogs for a few years now. But I love the idea and design! (16x20 for $17.50)

Here's a light-hearted take on beagle-themed art! This one is super cute (from strawberryluna), but I can't figure out where I would put it! Suggestions? (11x14 for $16)

In honor of my new last name, here's a great hand-drawn monogram from jenskelley! Depending on the shade of blue, this would be great in our dining room or kitchen. I already have several "J"s around the house, maybe it's time to branch out! (8x10 for $15)

This one would be great in our kitchen! It's light green (which is the accent color in our grey and white kitchen) and features Fruit! :) (from luckybluebirdart - 8x10 for $16)

I really have to credit Michelle for the next one! I love a good gin and tonic and this would look great in our kitchen! (from dearcolleen - 6x7 for $19).

What do you think? Have any favorites? I can't wait to pick one (or a few) of these out for our house! Are there any other etsy sellers that you love?

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  1. The wisdom of Keep Calm and Carry On served the British well during the war and could be the official motto here at the Powers farm. I also like the Gin and Tonic.