Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Shenanigans

This weekend's events.

My friend Jamey works for a company that outfits Jeeps with modified shocks, wheels, and basically anything you ever could want to add to a Jeep. Ha also has one he built himself for crawling (off-roading, generally speaking, but specific to jeeps, more or less), and I went out with him on Saturday. The first video below is of some other guy trying to go up a big rock and not making it. The second is of Jamey and me going up the same one yesterday.

Where others fail...

Jamey and Byron succeed...

Jamey's youtube page:

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  1. Byron I hope you had a great time! Im glad you and I finally got to go wheel... Jen sorry if I sketched you out with the videos. If you want Im sure we could get you on the trail sometime so you can see its really not that bad! :)